Natural handmade soap & bath products - truly holistic skin care.

Natural Soap and Skin Care, Handmade and Holistic - The BareNaked Philosophy

Providing you with natural soap, skin care and bath products - that is what we strive to do to the best of our abilities here at The BareNaked Soap Company.  

Our aim is to provide you and your skin with the best, most natural and most 'naked' skin care possible.

So our natural handmade soap, bath and skin care products contain nothing unnecessary - simply a combination of pure and natural ingredients carefully selected to soothe and pamper body, mind and soul...and skin of course!

We are a family-run business, set up by a mother with expensive tastes and a daughter who likes the finer things in life. Being disillusioned with the quality of luxury natural soap products on the market, we decided to make our own. And to do it better - using only the finest pure and natural ingredients. So we went into production, without much money but with an eye for honest luxury, the ability to make a nice bar of home-made natural soap and the support of an extremely clean and long-suffering family...

Every ingredient in our handmade soap has a purpose and each oil and butter is selected for its particular qualities - moisturising, revitalising, relaxing, replenishing... We add nothing purely for its cosmetic value, but do try to make the most beautiful, luxurious soap bar possible from the finest ingredients available. And we use only vegetable fats and oils, natural colourings and fragrances.

We are a family-run business

In the interest of family safety (yours and ours), we use lye in the form of sodium hydroxide crystals instead of the lye-water from wood ash as our grandparents would have done.  This also means we can fine-tune our saponification process to make the mildest soap with any oil.  Our own basic olive oil (castile) soap recipe makes a firm bar with a silky lather - this soap lasts and lasts.

We use a variety of oils in our soaps as each oil has different properties, such as the replenishing qualities of hemp oil, or the nourishing nature of avocado oil.  Take a look at Ingredients page for more details of the properties of individual oils.


 Our name signifies not only one's state when using our soap, but also the fact that we use the most 'naked' ingredients possible (our handmade soaps have nothing unnecessary added) and we are completely open with both process and ingredients.  We welcome any enquiries, suggestions or comments

And, being practical, we didn't forget the baby or the dog...!

 All our soaps are vegetarian, and most are vegan - the only non-vegan ingredients are locally produced, free-range goatsmilk and honey.  

And we most definitely don't test on animals - but we do wash our dogs with our Red Dog Flea Soap... after careful testing on humans first though, of course!

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Ingredients - take a look at what goes into our soaps, bath and body products.  Find out about the properties of ingredients, from the beneficial impact of cocoa butter to the soothing qualities of calendula infusion on your skin.